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Windsor Castle One Day Trip

Windsor Castle is one of the most popular attraction in London, it’s a castle with about 1000 years history, it’s stunning just to think that it has been existing for that long time.

This was the first time for me to plan a one day trip. I researched on Google and some forums, here’s my plan. If you would like to take a one day trip, you can take this as a reference.

Before Departure

There are some decisions to make before departure. Like, how early do you think you can get up? And do you want to see the “CHANGING OF THE GUARD”?

First, check if Windsor Castle is open and if there’s a “CHANGING OF THE GUARD” on the day you want to go. This is probably the most important thing to check. If you want to see the “CHANGING OF THE GUARD”, you will have to arrive before 10am.

Then check how long time do you need to get to Windsor Castle. There are two ways to go there. One is from London Waterloo train station, the other is from London Paddington which need to transfer at Slough. If you take train from Waterloo, don’t forget to buy a joint ticket to Windsor Castle, check the special offer, it’s much cheaper (*Reduced admission to castle £13.60 add-on + train fare.).

Also, check the restaurants you’d like to go, there are many there, but I didn’t want to pick a ramdon one when we got there as I went with a always-hungry man and I myself is kind of a food lover as well, food is quite important for us to not get grumpy, so I decided before going. You can check the list of the restaurant there at Trip Advisor beforehand.

The restaurant I picked are listed below.

Suggested Itinerary

10:00 Start the Journey

Train : Off-Peak Day Return (with Network Railcard) £12 for 2 person

London Paddington -> Slough -> Windsor & Eton Central

This is the view at Windsor & Eton Central station, already very beautiful.

12:00 Lunch

The Crooked House of Windsor

51 high street, Windsor, SL4 1LR

01753 857 534


I picked this one just because it’s really old and strange. It looks really special from the outside, but really small inside.

The food was about the average, not bad. I was planning to go picnic first then have afternoon tea here, but getting up too late ruined this. But it turned out fine, because at Windsor Castle in winter, it’s not a good idea to go picnic.

13:30 Windsor Castle

Take a look at the instruction to Windsor Castle, the ticket is about £17 (or Joint Ticket £13.60).

There are two things to do in the castle. One is taking pictures outside, the other is learning and feeling the history inside.

Couldn’t see the “CHANGING OF GUARD”, but I think it’s fine, at least I saw the guards.

And inside the castle, there is a State Apartments where you can see many old things in the castle, and there is a “Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House“, which should be the best part, I loved it so much. But you can’t take any picture inside the castle, which is a shame.

But there are some picture from the internet. It’s a tiny version of a sample of a royal house. You can see the details of the house, like a real one.

16:00 Shopping

Windsor Royal Shopping

5 Goswell Hill, Windsor, Berkshire


01753 797 070

It’s a royal shopping centre, go shopping in a royal atmosphere.

17:00 Thames River

After shopping, you can walk around the Thames. Because it was Sunday, everything closed at 5pm, and most of the restaurant open at 6pm, so there was one hour to take a walk on Thames, really beautiful.

18:00 Dinner


71 High Street Windsor Bridge Eton Windsor SL4 6AA

Tel: 01753 860914

Food is one of the most important part of the trip, but I couldn’t know which restaurant is the best, so I pick this one, look really fancy. Although the rate on Trip Advisor is not too good, but I went for the great atmosphere. It’s a nice restaurant near the bridge with high class ambience. We were the only customers that night, the waiters are nice, they even sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy!

The starter, not sure what it is.

Main course, Lamb.

After the dinner, that’s time to go back home sweet home! And finish the trip. Really enjoy the beautiful royal place, although it was a little cold, but didn’t hurt.