Vegetable that's good in math - Romanesco Broccoli

(Pic from London docks) It’s been a week since I arrived London. Like always, I picked up my cooking skill by having to prepare food everyday. Luckily I always enjoy food shopping, thinking about what to cook and stuff, and cooking and watching them to be eaten. Few days ago, in Waitrose, this bizarre vegetable jumped out to my face.

It scared me in the beginning with the repeatedly continuous fractal. Can’t say why but it just gave me goose bumps, I mean, the recursive helical arrangement of cones, it’s just…yuck! After research, found that it’s a type of my favorite vege – broccoli! So I unloaded my protection and bought it today, embraced my fear.

Didn’t want to destroy the shape, so I only steamed it.

I felt so much better when I see the inside, yes! it’s just broccoli!

And how does it taste? It tastes good, milder than normal broccoli, easier to cook. It’s called Romanesco Broccoli. It’s a stunning example of natural fractal. If you like fractal, here’s some 3D version that you can enjoy (Thank you Aron), maybe watching it while eating some fractal broccoli, would feel really good.

Deeper Zoom Into Fractal Worlds 3D from TAS on Vimeo.