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Red Herring Asia Forum : The Foods


When I was writing the previous post “Red Herring Asia Forum : Impressions, Thoughts and Ideas“, I couldn’t stop focus on the food, so I decided to move the food to this post.

The first night was the best, maybe they are trying to impress everybody, or they think people must be shy in the beginning so they have to prepare perfect food to create topics.

(Topics like,

“Wow this lamb is so good, love it especially when it’s pink”

“Oh me too, you should come to my country, we produce good lamb!”

“Really? Can I move there?”

…. something like that)

(This conversation doesn’t exist by the way.)

So this is the Lambs! My favorite and I’ve been missing it for a long time. It’s well done on the edge but still rare inside, love this kind of combination of two radical characteristic.


About one month ago when I was still in London, I went to Tesco every week and buy lambs for my next week, then cook it and eat it everyday. Love the special smell of it. I know it’s not good to eat single food for too long time, but I couldn’t help.

And this is shrimps with salmon roes on it, perfect match. Also my long lasting food lover (so is lamb).


Macaroon, not the best macaroon but enough for me. I tried my very first Macaroon 10 months ago, from Ladurée in Harrods (in London), couldn’t forget how surprise I was. I remember I was so sad to finish them all. Since them I only eat it maybe 4 times as it’s hard to find and extremely expensive.


The second day of Red Herring Asia Forum, they provide good food too. Just there was no pink lamb and Macaroons anymore.

Dessert in the morning.


Can’t get enough of the prawns. I didn’t eat noodles, just prawns.


Smoked salmon. Salmon is my favorite type of fish. But this one was a little too salty.


Lambs again. Really good.


Creamy salmon. A little too dry.


When I go to buffet, I always pick everything just a little. To try everything. This was my first plate.


My second plate. I learnt that the creamy salmon and chicken were too dry so I didn’t take them again, and the lamb was good so I added more.




The third day, I went to the breakfast buffet in the hotel, really good.




This is the lunch on the third day.


Prawns again, but no lambs or macaroon. That’s why I said the first day was the best.


So that’s all about the food in Red Herring Asia Forum. Not sure if this means to anyone else, or there was only me who loves food. Honestly people was feeling strange when they saw me taking picture of the food, please tell me why it’s strange. :P