Got my business cards from *\(^o^)/*

Do you have experience of buying a product, even though it was kind of over price, but you still think it’s totally worth?

I just had one. I received my business cards from It says it will take 10 days, but it just took 3 days! Thank god I didn’t pay more for the shipping fee.

It’s not my first time to design, finalize and print my business cards. And I have to say, it’s not easy to make a satisfying business cards. I have so many bad experience, like the texture of the card wasn’t what I wanted, the color was different from my design, or the rounded corner was not smooth enough. It’s just not easy to make a perfect business card, no matter in design or printing side.

But, it just works! The cards I bought from Moo, I didn’t expect it can be so high-quality. The website is nice and easy to use, I uploaded 7 pictures for the back, and one for the front.

Love the interface, don’t have to learn anything, and I’m making business cards!

This is everything from the pack.

Compare to my already used-to-be-perfect cards I printed in Taiwan.

On the left it’s the cards from the best printing company in Taipei, which I still think they have flaws, the rounded corners are not perfect. On the right it’s the cards from Moo. The rounded corners are perfect! (Oh just it’s triple price.)

And they gave me a very useful card holder. Very cute. Not sure if it will really become my solution of organizing cards, but so far I feel good about it.

Can’t wait to give away my cards on the next meetup! Nice to meet you.