Moaning after My Arrival in Los Angeles


Ph! Finally arrived LA for Red Herring Global plus 3 days visiting. This is my room during the Red Herring Forum. Good isn’t it? After the exhausting long flight, all I want is a well sleep. But let me whine a little here.

This is the fifth time to have 13-hours long flight alone this year, and this time is worse because nobody is waiting for me at the airport, I’m totally on my own.

For the long flight like this, what I care about the most would be is the chair comfortable (so far I think ANZ is the best, economic ones) and, there better not be any baby around me. Babies are crying on the plane all the time which drives me crazy and keeps me thinking about 100 ways to murder them.

This time there were like 3 babies around me. There were like “if you cry, I cry louder” competitions. Just picturing the way to kill them is not enough, I literally was thinking if there are smoking rooms in the airport, there should be a “crying babies room” on the plane. Once the baby cry, parents have to put the baby into the room and close the sound-proving door, and could only take the baby out once it stops crying.

I mean, parents are all fine with the crying noise but hey I’m not a mum! I have a pair of sensitive ears. (was kidding about the crying babies room, don’t arrest me.)

It was such a long trip, from Taiwan to LA, took me 24 hours. Including waiting for my next flight at South Korea for 9 hours. And 2 hours waiting at the US border and declaration. How come everything has to be such complicated, I never know. Feels like my life is all about waiting.

This is a show at Seoul Incheon Airport (South Korea).


The airport is so good, you can feel that Korea is a high technology country. There are Samsung laptops free to use everywhere, not to mention the free high speed wireless. This never happen in western countries.

These laptops and sofas are free to use, very comfortable ones.


So this made my 9 hours of transfer not too bad.

When I arrived LA, because the airport is too big, everybody had to take a shuttle from the plane to the terminal. On the way to the terminal, we had to stop and let some airplanes pass by, so interesting.

At the US Custom and Border Protection desk, I claimed that I’m here for visiting because it’s too hard to explain Red Herring Forum and I don’t have any invitation paper. I skipped everything about Red Herring Forum, just said I’m here for fun. I also mentioned that I’m going to see my friend’s brother.

But the female officer thought I was suspicious. She asked me what I am going to visit, I only said “hmm…hollywood“, weak answer (honestly I don’t know anything about LA yet). I told her the whole plan I had got is “arrive the hotel and check the map on the internet then plan the trip“, but she said “Your hotel (Hyatt Regency Century Plaza) is far away from the airport, how are you going to get there?” I said “hmmm there’s gonna be a way to go there” Weak answer again…but obviously, come on it’s America, how difficult can it be to go to a hotel from an airport?

So after checking all my background information including my salary, how much money I save every month, what’s my boyfriend’s name and job, why my boyfriend is not coming with me, and am I sad that he was coming but couldn’t make it, She let me in. Felt like the stories I told her has already been away from the truth.

After the long process of the officer questioning me, the baggage claim and goods declaration, finally I walked out of the terminal. Without hesitate I paid $50 to take a taxi to the hotel. My first glance at LA? Hmmm… Looks so similar to Taipei. If you don’t tell me, I’ll ask the driver to go to my home.

The hotel room is so good (as the photo on the top), just everything cost money. Plus the bed is too big but the bathroom has no bathtub, and no kettle and tooth brush (I’ve asked them to gave me). My god how can I complain so much, am I becoming a French?

On the fridge it says “Every item you take out will immediately be charged to you account.” Didn’t see this, I took out a bottle of water just for fun and now I have to pay $5 for a 300ml water. Damn you high technology!


This is the end of the whining. I’m much better now, totally excited to explorer LA. If you know anything about LA please tell me. Thanks!