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My First Launch48 Event in London ✿

I know if I don’t write this down, I’ll probably never do it. But when there are too many thoughts, feelings, excitement and emotions full of your blood, you just don’t know how to start and put it properly. This was my weekend, combination with surprising, confusing, stress and relief, just like the collision between hot and cold. And this is exactly how a Startup is like.

On Friday night, when Aron and I stepped into the venue, I was shy to talk to anybody. There were already a lot of people talking to each other. I guess I hadn’t networked with people for too long time, kind of forgot how to start a conversation.

After wandering around, had a drink, the organizer of Launch48 Ian showed up and invited everybody to the conference room, he explained the rules of the game.

And introduced the mentors, big cast!

And then it was the pitching time. Aron shared his “Flat Hunting Map” idea, which I think it’s really good. In fact, I was surprised that there was no good solution for flat hunting problem – it was always a pain in the butt.

My idea came up the day before Launch48. I was trying so hard to come up a fun idea that I think it could be made on a weekend and bring people joy. I thought about 3 ideas, but after I did some research, I didn’t think they were good anymore. I was almost giving up, and then I thought of this “Stalker App”. I was happy that people seemed to like it.

This is the rules of how to pitch and how to form a team.

The rule was slightly different from Startup Weekend, there were two rounds of pitching, to make people more clear about the ideas.

Join a team

On Saturday, the mentors came and introduced themselves. And the 8 teams describe their ideas again, because there were many people didn’t know which one to join yet.

I joined “We help you complain” team. The leader Keiran is a smart and aspiring man, came up with this complant letter tool idea. I didn’t really understand the value in the beginning, but after I worked on this project for a while, I started to think it’s a good idea. And I learnt many thing from the mentors and team members. Really thank you guys. Although I couldn’t distribute more, but this is indeed a good experience.

At Friday 5pm, we had a board meeting, teams reported the latest news.

It was so good to see people focusing on their works!

In the end of that day, there were 9 teams. Check this out, they are all good!