Gossip: Voting day for Taiwanese presidential election

Google changed its LOGO for us yesterday, reminded everyone to vote! Yes this picture is how we vote.

I was going to write this post yesterday, but I was busy in watching TV news about the election. Yesterday is the big voting day for our Taiwanese presidential election, as well as legislative election and political party election. Unsurprisingly, wikipedia has organized all the information about yesterday, simple and clear.

This is the second time in my life to vote. I was never into political issues before, I always thought it’s not my business and I only cared about my own life. I even thought those people who talk about political issues all the time are kind of freaks.

Ever since 3 years ago, I met some people, traveled to some different countries, heard a lot of stories, I finally found that Taiwan is a place that needs their people to care about their nation. Taiwan is so small, and although we have our own government but still not a real country. And we have only been democratic for a short period of time, we should all cherish this because it is not easy to come by.

Gossip 1, Vote counts came before the voting day!

There were some funny stories happened yesterday. One of them was there were two media websites builded “Election Result” web pages and wanted to win huge traffic after the election. And maybe they were just testing the system so they put some numbers on it.

And accidentally/carelessly they put the result websites online, and clever Taiwanese geeks found it. (no idea how they found it, the media didn’t announce the URL.)

And the geeks started to market this page, it looked like the election has done. It happened in the early morning of the voting day. The media removed the URL right away but people has already print-screened it and continued to forward that image everywhere.

So next time be careful when you’re testing your new website especially when it comes to political issues (people can be crazy about this issue).

Gossip 2, Don’t Vote

Is it important to vote? Some people will have to treval back to their hometown to vote, so normally people would rather stay at where they work. But this time the opposition party was so close to beat the biggest party, and most of the young people support the opposition party (DDP, Democratic Progressive Party), so they put many things on the internet to encourage people to vote, no matter what.

This is a video to tell people to vote. When Steven Spielberg asked Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo Dicaprio and bunch of famous actors/actresses to say a line “Don’t Vote”, even if the director said it’s just being sarcastic, they still hesitated. They are professional performers but couldn’t say things not from their heart. In the end Steven let them just say what they want, and the video ended good.

Gossip 3, My vote

On the way back home after voting, I was kind of emotive, I looked back my life and I noticed that I’m changing. I became more aware of everything in my life, started to know what I want, and getting more ideas about what’s meaningful in my life. I think it’s since I traveled to Australia.

I started to have favorite brands, specific life style. I have faith, love my job, crazy about my interests. I have candidates that I support, I can do something for my country, isn’t is the best thing that can ever happen?

So regardless of the result, it was a successful election yesterday that ended peacefully. There were always violence or unfair things happened before, but this time, although I’m worried about Taiwan’s future, but it was a good election after all.

Hope it will be better and better, as our president said.