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Google Plus Pages at a Glance (for Businesses and Branded Profiles)

After Google launched Google+, many brands and local businesses started to do things like what they did on Facebook. They wanted to be the first to accumulate their audience (actually the number of the fans on social networks matters in many aspects), so they created Google+ account for their brands to promote their products and build their fan/customer communities.

But Google didn’t allow a “brand” to have Google+ account, it’s only for person. So many brand accounts were forcibly closed by Google, it was a slight tragedy for some brands and they complained. Google said there would be Google Plus Brand Page later this year. And it’s now!!

Now Google just released the Google Plus Pages. This is Google+’s Google+ page.

According to the official blog, it connects the brand to the fans and customers, people can easily recommend the brands and local business they like and talk to the team and other fans.

So far it’s the same as Facebook Pages, but Google brings its specialty, search. Now you can search “+Pepsi” and go straight to the Pepsi Page. *This is not yet available to everyone.

If Google integrates the pages with other services like Google Search, Google Map and so on, it will be amazing! Too many possibilities. I assume that the pages will now potentially affect the ranking on Google search too. So are you ready to build the page for your brand?

Click here to create a Google Plus Page.

Step 1, Choose the category

In my case, Bounty Hunter (my startup) is a website so I choose “Product or Brand”, subcategory is “Website”.

Step 2, Input the information

Step 3, Upload the LOGO and tagline

Step 4, Share it

And….it’s done! Really simple.

Now you can play. I’ll share more detail after playing for a while, and compare with Facebook Page! Good luck.

By the way, Google plus has Facebook Fan page: