Fun time in LA - Century City, Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica, UCLA and Getty Museum


After Red Herring Global Award, I started my own fun time in LA. I got 3 days, spent 1.5 days on my own, went shopping as my girlfriends all said States is a perfect shopping place, then met Aron’s brother who studies in UCLA, had so much fun with them. I guess if I want to go back to LA again, they will be the reason.

Stop 1, Shopping at Century City

There’s a Westfield Shopping Center near my hotel, so this was my first stop.


There are many different kind of stores. I saw Microsoft store,


it was funny coz a Apple store is nearby and crowded, but it was so empty in Microsoft store. I guess Microsoft’s reputation is as bad as in Taiwan.


“J Crew” is a shop that Joan said I must visit, it was actually good. It’s only in States, none in Taiwan, none in UK. It’s like I have to buy some souvenir from here.

Stop 2, Live Music in Sunset Blvd

At night, I went to Live bar to see some band. First I went to Whisky A Go Go,


but I didn’t find the music good so I escaped to the other live house call “Roxy”, the one my friend Mike suggested. I really liked the band that night. The bass player was cute, he played a double bass!


and I loved the drummer, this is my favorite type of drummer, crazy and steady! You can see how crazy he was on the picture:


Although I was alone but music keep me not lonely.


Stop 3, Shopping in Santa Monica

Because I got some missions to do (buying cute things for Joan), so the next day I went to Santa Monica to go shopping.


I stayed at Abercrombie&Fitch, a famous American brand, for a long time. It’s only in States too, can’t find it in Taiwan or UK. The male staff were all cute, and they had a special smell on all of their cloths, really clever.


Street Artist in Santa Monica.


I didn’t walked on the pier, it looked like the pier in Brighton.


Stop 4, Party in Santa Monica, with friends

Then I met Aron’s brother and his friend. They just finished the final exam so it was the perfect time to join their party. They are really cool.


After few drinks we went to a nightclub,


but what is funny was, we entered the nightclub at 1:30am, and in LA, all the clubs close at 2pm, we didn’t have much time to party inside. So we went home and hanged out together.

We sang together.


We played Ninja game.


Wanted to play a board game but didn’t have enough time. I felt so good to pretend that I’m a happy student, especially at the time they just finished exam. :P

Stop 5, Getty Museum

Getty Museum is a perfect place to see the whole LA, really beautiful. Also the building, the art and the garden made us relaxed and comfortable. It would be so good if we can picnic here.


Day view:


Night view:


I really enjoyed the time in LA. Wish I can go soon again.