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Forever Favorite - Prawn and Avocado Salad

Finally back to Taiwan. The whole February in London was like a dream for me. It was so good to embrace what I love for my life, and I think I did grow unknowingly. This salad dish was from the last two days in London, it was so good. I didn’t know avocado before, didn’t event know if we have this in Taiwan, but I checked and we do! It’s not that popular here but you can find it in most of the shops. And actually one of my favorite Taiwanese blogger’s name, if you translate it, is Avocado Sushi. So of course we have this here.

There are a few of my favorite food that I will never be tired of. Prawn is one of them. And on my first dinner date with Aron he introduced this starter dish which amazed me – Prawn and Avocado Salad. It felt so good to discover a new thing and find it perfectly suits you. And surprisingly, it is so simple. Although I think I wrote about food too much lately and I moaned about it, but, let me finish this one.

This recipe is for 2 serves.

Step 1, Prepare the cooked king prawns, however much you want (maybe 250g is ok)

Step 2, Cut a garlic

to smaller pieces like this:

Step 3, Mix the salad sauce

Take 15g of ketch-up and 45g of mayonaise together (ketch-up:mayonaise = 1:3), and mix with the garlic. If it’s available, put a little pepper and squeeze juice from half of lemon or lime. Mix all together.

Step 4, Take care of the avocado

Take 1 avocado, peel it genteelly.

Then cut it in half. When cutting it, be careful there’s core inside.

Take out the core.

And cut them to smaller pieces.

Step 5, Make the plate

Put half avocado,

And put the prawns and salad and it’s one serve. You get 2 from this recipe.