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Moaning about Cooking, and Extremely Beginner's Salmon En Croute

This month in London, as usual I became a amateur cook coz it’s the only way to save money. And the result of cooking everyday is that I talked about cooking all the time on my blog. Sometimes I did’t even want to tweet my post if it’s about food again.

And cooking everyday can make my creative mind fade away quite quickly. In the beginning I always wanted to make perfect meal, to surprise Aron and indulge ourselves. Yet after few weeks, I deeply thought I ran out of ideas. Sometimes I wanted to make something new, it just turned out to be a fail experiment which frustrated me, on the other hand, cooking something conservative was no longer interesting for me. I was at the dead-end of my cooking career.

And I have a weird habit that once I fall in love with something, I have to have it everyday until I’m totally sick of it. That’s when I started to have roasted chicken everyday (amazingly, I still don’t hate chicken). As a salute of my love to roasted chicken and escape from thinking about new dishes.

At some point I was officially tired of cooking (and chicken), and wanting more inspirations. The other day, when I was debating in my mind about what to cook, not too boring and not too experimental, Aron said “Maybe you can try Salmon En Croute.

So I did, even if I didn’t even know what it is. And actually this post is just a note about this Salmon En Croute journey in my mind which is referenced from here, don’t take it seriously, it’s not a serious recipe, seriously.

Ingredients / Preparation

  1. 150g mascarpone or cream cheese
  2. 1 bag watercress , spinach and rocket, about 120g
  3. 500g shortcrust pastry. You can find it at frozen section in Waitrose
  4. 500g piece salmon fillets , skinless
  5. 1 beaten egg
Step 1, Heat the oven

200C/fan 180C/gas 6.

Step 2, Make the creamy green purée

Mash/whizz mascarpone or cream cheese with all the green vegetables. You don’t have to have a strong arm but indeed you need to be patient.

Step 3, Roll the pastry out

Make the pastry thin, a little thiner than £1 coin.

Step4, Put the salmon in the middle

Step 5, Put the creamy green purée on the salmon, wrap it

Step 6, Brush with the egg glaze, bake it for 30 mins.

And…it’s done!

As a beginner cooker, I guess I did it well. The issuer Aron was satisfied as well. (but he also was satisfied at a bad meat ball which the mince was put in the fridge for too long time, and one time he didn’t notice a chicken was not done.) Anyway, I love salmon, I’ll keep the cooking circle: passionate about it, tired of it, escape from it, finding new target and passionate about it again, with healthier and healthier ingredients.

P.S. Beside the real Salmon En Croute, there was one with a heart shape, art work from Aron.