Experience about a Groupon-clone deal : SPA treatment at "5 Senses Spa"

I’ve been buying products from Groupon or Groupon-cloned websites since 2 months ago, I only focus on Treatments/Spa/Massages and Yoga/Dance classes, wanted to release my stress. And I don’t want to buy a long-term package so the single deal with cheaper price was a good deal for me.

Today I used a coupon from a Groupon-cloned website “lashou.com(caution: in Chinese)”. It’s a Spa treatment center called “5 Senses Spa”, just want to write down my experience about it here. Please note that it might be just me, special case, doesn’t mean this Spa center is certainly bad.

Okay so this is how it went.

Felt okay to wait even if I had an appointment, I’m getting good at “waiting” these days. When I finally entered the room, that there was no place to put my coat and bag. I asked the masseuse where I can put it, she pointed a really small stool. I tried really hard to fold my big coat and made sure it can be put on the stool steadily.

Then the masseuse asked me “So what’s your treatment today? back or belly?”

I didn’t check the coupon clearly, so I said “hmm I don’t really remember what it says on the coupon, I use a coupon from Lashou.”

And then she went out and come back said “The coupon is only for the back, please take off your shirt.”

Then she stayed there staring at me. Fine she’s a girl, so although I was shy I still stripped myself in front of her. And tried harder to put my shirt and bra on the already unsteady pile of folded coat.

Finally I lay on my stomach and she started to massage me. Lately I’ve been doing many yoga training, I got sore muscles all over my body. So I was afraid that she would massage me too hard and hurt me. But I was wrong, I was scared the totally wrong thing – She didn’t do it even a little bit hard.

What she did was just between touching and wiping me. She massaged the right place but, with that weak strength it was like she’s teasing my body, I had got to ask her to do it harder.

So I said “hey excuse me, could you do it a little harder please?”

She said “Okay!”

Then she turned the originally 1 point strength to maybe… 2 (full power is 10), what I expected was like 6~7. I didn’t want to make her feel bad but I didn’t want to waste my time and money either, so I asked again “excuse me, could you do it even harder?”

She said “Okay.”

Then she turn the power to maybe 2.5 but just for few seconds it went back to 1.5. She asked “Is it good now?”

“(No it is not good at all, you’re just wiping me.)” Of course I didn’t say it as I’m a decent useless no-guts no-confidence wuss, I just “hmmm…”ed her. She seemed to know what I mean, and said,

“Sorry I have no strength.”

I felt bad to make her feel bad so I said “Oh no it’s okay” immediately.

After maybe 25 minutes, of all the no-feeling massage, she said “It’s finished” and put a hot towel on my waist. “Is it too hot?” She asked right after she put the towel. And you know when you touch the heat you need a response time to know if it’s too hot, especially when it’s not that hot just a little hot, you only get hurt when you suffer the heat for a long time, it’s called “Low temperature burn“. So I said “I think it’s okay”. But after few minutes, I started to think no it is too hot and it can’t be like this, so I wiggled my butt and told her “hey now it’s too hot, I feel burn.”

But she was slowly peacefully saying “Okay I’ll take another dry towel to put it between your body and the hot towel.” Then she went to take the dry towel!!!

My god I was burning there! I could only keep wiggling my butt to ease the burn. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t take off the hot towel myself – I’m pretty good at suffering…)

Finally she saved me by an extra dry towel. And then said “That’s it thank you for today. I’ll be back later.”

At that time it has reached my limitation of patience. So I sneaked off. I said “sneak off” but actually I just peacefully walked out of the door, no one stopped me.

And I stopped at the entrance and took pictures, one of the reception walked out seeing me she asked “hey what are you taking pictures for?”

I said “I’m writing blog.”

She said “Oh saying good thing or bad thing?”

I said “Real things.”

She said “Hooo~ must say good thing! Hahaha~”

After I came home I checked the copy of the coupon, the massage should be in total 40 minutes, obviously the masseuse was too tired to massage me harder and do it in full time.

So I’m really writing the real thing about that Spa center here.

I posted my experience on Facebook, someone said “Groupon-like deals are all crap.” Actually I want to make it clearer. They are not all crap. There are maybe 50% of crap (no one likes it so they have to use this to sell) and other 50% are new open stores. In the 50% of new opened stores, there are maybe 50% of good products. Like I went to some yoga classes, they are new opened and they care about every customers, it’s a good case.

Anyway, to sum up there are maybe 75% crap in Groupon-like deals. So buy it at your own risk.