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Dim Sum in Gerrard's Corner, China Town in London

As you can see, I’m from Taiwan which is in the center of Asia. I eat Oriental food all the time. But having it in London, surprisingly, is not as “homely” as I thought. I mean, when you eat, you’re actually eating with the atmosphere. The place you eat is secretly affecting your flavor so much. You can just overthrow what you think about the food imediately.

Like it’s totally different to have French food in a crude dining table at home than in a romantic restaurant in Paris, isn’t it?

Dim sum(點心) is one of the most important food from Hong Kong. It’s also kind of popular in Taiwan. Yesterday I suddenly really wanted to go to China Town, but based on my past experience (went there twice), the restaurants weren’t that good. And this time I wanted to show Aron, a Hungarian guy who’s NEVER been to Asia, some good Oriental food, and I didn’t want to destroy his fantasy about Asian food, so I really have to make sure I choose a good one.

I checked Trip Advisor, no answer. Searched on internet and forums, people said “Four Season” has the best roasted duck but with a very bad service, plus the price are quite high which made me hesitate. Thanks to Neil, by coincidence, he was having dim sum. So I went the one he suggested: Gerrard’s Corner(link).

It was a decent restaurant. The two restaurant experience I had in China Town weren’t that good, they are both crowded and busy. So Gerrard’s Corner gave me a really good first impression.

They first asked me if I was there for dim sum, I was confused coz I’d also like to check their other option. But then I knew they have different menus for standard course and dim sum. I only ordered soup and egg fried rice from standard menu, and others from dim sum menu.

And these are the dim sum I ordered.

This is the spring rolls.

This is what I ordered: (they have online menu)

  • Port dumpling with Crab meat
  • Glutinous Rice in Loyus Leaf (w. chicken)
  • Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun
  • Deep Fried Spring Rolls
  • Chicken Claws in Black Bean Souce

I was really curious about how European see Asian food. So I asked Aron his rank. What’s interesting was, his rank was totally inverse to mine.

His rank and some comment was:

  1. Deep Fried Spring Rolls –> best spring rolls ever
  2. Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun –> special and nice
  3. Port dumpling with Crab meat –> lovely
  4. Glutinous Rice in Loyus Leaf (w. chicken) –> doesn’t like it
  5. Chicken Claws in Black Bean Souce –> can’t accept that

Mine on the other hand, was:

  1. Chicken Claws in Black Bean Souce –> can’t get enough
  2. Glutinous Rice in Loyus Leaf (w. chicken) –> just love it
  3. Port dumpling with Crab meat –> normal but easygoing
  4. Deep Fried Spring Rolls –> nicer than I thought
  5. Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun –> it’s just okay

It was such a miracle that we can eat together without having fight about what to order. The things I love the most, in the end was not that easy-going for European, good to know!

Next time I will challenge the best roasted duck in London!