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Diaries in Red Herring Award Global 2011 in LA


Two months ago I went to Hong Kong for Red Herring Asia, this time I went to LA for Red Herring Global. It’s the first time for me to travel alone, I was crying before going, and wrote a whole moaning post right after I arrived. See how weak I am!

But now I’m back in Taipei, with a piece of paper which says I won the Red Herring Global Award 2011. I’ll write about LA and the trips on the next post, now, let’s sum up the whole Red Herring conference by date.

Day 1 – Dec 5th

It’s already 10pm when I arrived the hotel, the hotel was really luxurious. About today please check out my moaning post.


After finishing the moaning post, I started to practice my presentation again. The mid-night in LA is afternoon in Taipei, with the jetlag I can’t really sleep. I went to bed at about 5am.

Day 2 – Dec 6th

Got up at noon, rushed to the lunch with full of expectation, because the impression of Red Herring Asia for me, was “the food is so good”!


Sadly, sadly, the food was so bad this time. Can’t believe that!

After lunch I went back to the room and finalized the presentation.

I don’t want to be a selfish student who gets A but never admit that he studies a lot. This presentation took me really a lot of time, since Red Herring Asia, I’ve been practicing the whole presentation for about 50 times. I wrote down every words I’m gonna say and memorized them. Although the presentation I did for Global was the same as which at Asia, I fixed many English mistakes and improve many things, thanks to Aron, helped me a lot with the presentation. This is a peek of the draft.


And then it’s my show time. I was so nervous and really wanted to go to the toilet, but I guess it was the wrong toilet call, I was just nervous.

I was setting my slide.


After the presentation, wow what a relief. I started to talk to people, I’m lucky to meet so many cool people. Like Dr. Alexander, he has a really great technical background, his product “Dacuda” is so good, I will want to buy it if I can. And he’s only 31 years old, already a successful entrepreneur and also a professor in a PHD class in a university. Amazing. Check the video.

After the slight talk, we went to have dinner. Sadly, dinner was as bad as lunch. I’ll definitely not write a post about Red Herring food this time.

After dinner, we all-newbie-tourists, started our fun-time hunting adventure.

First Alexander asked the food provider if he can suggest good places to go, the food provider suggested one. But the bouncer didn’t want to let us in coz we have 10 guys and only 3 girls. I guess this kind of group was scary for nightclubs. We can’t do anything but taking pictures outside of the nightclub.


Then we went to the bar around there. Had a little chat.


But this is not enough, we still wanted to go to a nightclub to have further fun, so we went to another place that the food provider suggested. Sadly, the place the food provider suggested was as bad as the food the food provider provided, the second club didn’t even open.

We didn’t want to waste taxi money so we took a picture there. It’s West Hollywood baby!


Finally we gave up the “further-fun” idea, went back to our hotel and have another drink. Actually it was quite nice. Then we went back to sleep.


Day 3 – Dec 7th

Last night I went to bed at around 7am, got up at 2pm. Just can’t help sleeping in Taipei time zone. Missed my friend Takenori’s presentation, I decided to take a walk around Century City with my friend Even.

Back to the conference at 7pm, award ceremony time. Suddenly became so many people.


Luckily, I won the prize, so as many of the friends I met there. Congratulations Take, Pedro, Alexander and Kim.


After the ceremony, we started another fun-time hunting adventure. First we went to “Four Season Hotel” as Thomas from touchdiva said he’s from local and he’s sure there is a party place. But hell there isn’t. After all these taxi trips which were expensive but in vain, we were not sure if we can eventually have any party.

The picture at Four Season.


But then Peter from UK came out a good idea, he was such a good leader. He went to another nightclub call “Drai’s” near W Hotel in Hollywood Blvd with Kim and few guys, claimed that they had a reservation and there would be more people come to join them. Then me and Pedro can go, then the other guys. And I must say this strategy worked really well, we didn’t have reservation and we have a lot of guys but we were finally having party at a nice nightclub.

Our group members are from Taiwan, Japan, China, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UK, from all around the world, felt really special.

I am grateful to participate this conference and meet so many great people, hope we can keep in touch! And maybe in a near future we’ll meet again.

This is the picture of me and Kim, as the end of this post.