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Asparagus egg dippers, Oysters au Gratin and Clam Spaghetti with White Wine

Seafood is my favorite, yesterday I prepared a meal of seafood for Aron and myself, coz he said he’s never tried clam and oyster, wow, can you imagine? So I must show him, and that’s how I got the chance to define clam and oyster to him, which was stressful and stressless at the same time.

I bought oysters, asparagus, salmon and clam, did everything from scratch. The starter was Asparagus egg dippers. Looks really nice yeah? It’s such a perfect combination of asparagus, salmon and egg. The tricky part was you have to use a rolling pin to make the salmon really thin and flat, otherwise it would be so difficult to roll it on asparagus. Also the egg, you have to put the egg in the cold water, boil it in a short time, turned off the heat and steam it for 6 minutes. I read it from an ad from Waitrose, quite useful. I didn’t do it really beautifully, next time I’ll make it better.

The second starter was Oysters au Gratin, I think it’s French. Anything with cheese is just so good, even better with seafood!

It was really scary when I shucked the oysters, although I read tutorial first but still, almost cut my finger off. But finally I did it. Use this recipe.

Basically put things in the shell and bake it and done, but I spent 1 hour on it. Luckily they turned out good.

And then it’s the most important main course, also a famous Italian food back in Taiwan, which is Clam Spaghetti with White Wine. They use wine in cuisine like us, but they put white wine, we put rice wine. Both are good!

So good to eat seafood.