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And That is Snow in London! ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫

Sometimes when life is not as good as you expected, and you have a bad day, but the world suddenly just shut you up by starting snowing, it’s like everyone should just calm down, it’s like telling you nothing can’t wait until tomorrow. And yes it snowed for me at this circumstance!

It started snowing on Saturday night, The canal was frozen, there was nobody on the street, totally silent.

The next day when I woke up and checked the window, I can see kids playing around the snow, and they made a snow man.

And I can touch the snow from my room, wow! so fresh!

When I walked out, I found that nobody leaves no foot print on the snow, you can’t hide the crime with so many snow.

There are beautiful snow men, and ugly ones.

The other part of canal wasn’t frozen.

Tower of London after snow, so beautiful.

For me, this was the first time to see snow falling down at where I live, and can even touch it on the next day. They are so light and white. In the beginning I didn’t know it was snowing, I thought it was raining, in a strange way, but later I realized, no it was not raining!

Forgive me the girl from subtropics, even write a blog about this. And although I broke my shoes by jumping and stepping on the snow, and my toes were all red after walking on the snow, but it’s worth. ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫